Central Garden Villa

About Project: Creating a central garden in the most central point of the plan that it has access to all indoor spaces. . The central garden has the potential of living space and the placement of 12 trees and green space. . this way always interactive between architecture, Nature (Light, water, wind and plants) And man was created in this project. . In the interior design of this project of materials compatible with nature and materials and colors are in harmony with nature. . Elements like lights, Sounds, air flow, colors and textures and… In the central garden and garden around the villa, Creates a space that blends with the geometric lines of the right corner of the architect And the created form gives the audience the feeling of facing a modern and minimal space, Each point of the exterior concept and plan creates excitement and vitality for the audience due to the existence of green spaces that are located between the spaces..

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Architect:Reza mohtashami
Design team:Reyhaneh Daneshmandi
Mahya Ghazizadeh-arash arefi
Hamidreza Ghari-shabnam Taghizadeh

Location: greece

design year: 2021

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